Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alaskan IPA (bottle) - 3.7

Alaskan IPA
India Pale Ale
Alaskan Brewing Company
Juneau, AK
ABV: 6.2%

Lovely citrus nose, but has a strange herb/sage quality on first sip. Feels bright and fizzy on the tongue. Loses pretty much any distinctiveness after saturation. A good buy when on sale.

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
4/5 8/10 3/5 6/10 3/5 3/5 6/10

This is my economy IPA, as it's been on sale for a long time at my local liquor store. Bright carbonated mouthfeel with a lemon peel bitterness.

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
4/5 8/10 4/5 7/10 5/5 4/5 7/10

It's different, but a good different. Perhaps the 2° Below I had prior to this is coloring my judgement, but for now I don't mind. We'll see how I feel after I finish it I guess...

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
4/5 8/10 4/5 8/10 4/5 4/5 8/10

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bard's Gold (bottle) - 2.4

Bard's Gold
American Lager (Gluten-free)
Bard's Tale Beer Company
Minneapolis, MN
ABV: 4.6%

Pretty sure this is my first sorghum beer. Nicely sweet orange aroma--but looks and tastes like someone put a drop of soap in a Shock Top. Very unique. I guess not a horrible option if you really need to go gluten-free, but I haven't tried many in this category to compare.

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
2/5 7/10 1/5 3/10 2/5 2/5 5/10

Bard's is an odd beer. It looks great, tastes slightly sweet and slippery with a bitter and sweet molasses aftertaste.

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
2/5 7/10 3/5 3/10 2/5 2/5 5/10

Free of wheat, barley, rye, oats, and taste. But I somehow toughed it out. Or at least I'm trying to...

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
2/5 7/10 2/5 2/10 2/5 3/5 5/10

Sunday, November 1, 2009

GABF 2009

The Great American Beer Festival was over a month ago, but I can still taste it like it was yesterday. Here's some of the great stuff I came across:

  • I had somehow never tried a brew by Shmaltz Brewing despite the fact that I've passed it by at more than one local liquor store. What a mistake! The Bar Mitzvah 13th Anniversary Ale was great--built like a barley wine with lots of extra hops, very balanced. They also put out a rye IPA that I will definitely be looking for again.
  • I finally got to try Stone's Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale and it didn't disappoint. It had a sweet maple syrup nose with herby, peppery undertones. Complexity can be good.
  • I once drank an awful green chili beer in New Mexico that I thought had ruined me on the concept forever, but CooperSmith's green chili beer won me back. Reminiscent of Twisted Pine's Billy's Chilies, maybe even a tad more flavorful.
  • Dogfish Head always brings some crazy stuff to the GABF, but they topped themselves this year with a beer they call Chicha. This selection was brewed in a traditional South American method which apparently involves chewing and spitting out the maize that goes into the beer in order to break down the starches. Brewer saliva? I couldn't pass that up! It was very sweet and floral, heavily dominated by the flavor of strawberries (not sure if the strawberries they used made it into any mouths or not). One of the most interesting beers I've had the pleasure of drinking, at least in terms of back-story.
  • I got another taste of Sam Adam's Utopias this year (I somehow missed it last year), which I already wrote about in 2007 so I'm not sure why I'm bringing it up again. Oh right, because it's frickin' epic! Everyone needs to try this stuff. Seriously.

I'll be there again next year, and you should be too. Hurray beer!