Wednesday, November 24, 2010

World Wide Stout (bottle) - 3.8

World Wide Stout
Imperial Stout
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Milton, DE
ABV: 18%

Like the rest of America, we watched the premiere of "Brew Masters" on Sunday. Then, like the rest of America, we got a serious hankerin' for some Dogfish Head. (Watching an entire television program about a beer without having said beer on hand for sampling is NOT advised.) So when Mallory came home with two bottles of World Wide Stout today, we lasted a solid 6 hours before cracking them open. Beer on TV is super awesome, but get ready for Dogfish to be even pricier and harder to find in the months to come.

Mallory & Jon:
Black as night; light doesn't have a chance of getting through this beer. Little carbonation and head, as expected. Big alcohol on the nose, with a nice initial mix of chocolate, coffee, and a fairly hefty fig/prune/port aroma reminiscent of barley wine. Hang on to that chocolate/coffee goodness at the start, because once you get going on this it starts to behave more like a barley wine and less like a stout. Not that that's all bad, but we like our stouts to be smoky and roasty, and that just isn't the avenue that this stout happens to be going down. More flavors open up as it starts to warm up; some hints of spice and oily espresso can be found in the finish. The finish doesn't scream "stout," but then again, the nose doesn't even whisper it. Extra points for making a bad-ass Discovery show; minus points for inflated price and bad categorization. New genre suggestion: Stoutly Wine.

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
5/5 7/10 4/5 8/10 2/5 5/5 7/10