Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stone IPA (bottled) - 4.5

Stone IPA
India Pale Ale
Stone Brewing Co.
Escondido, CA
Alcohol Content: 6.9%

At first glance this IPA doesn't look quite as perfect as it really is (but damn close). And yes, it's perfect. This is what an IPA should taste like. Stone manages a perfect bitterness profile through its strong citrus overtones and clean (for an IPA) finish. This is one of our favorite beers for very good reason. And the gargoyles on the bottle? Frickin awesome.

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
4/5 9/10 5/5 10/10 4/5 4/5 9/10

Ahh....Stone IPA, one of my perennial favorites! My favorite thing about this beer is the fantastic grapefruit aroma and overtones. Light, but extremely hoppy and nicely bitter. There's also that 6.9% alcohol level... Yee ha! This IPA is great, but not quite my favorite. Although the flavor and palate is complex (and wonderful), it seems that a lot of what comes through is the alcohol taste, which I have somehow been numbed to?! There is another IPA that I like just a little bit better--but that is yet to come. Stay tuned.

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
4/5 9/10 5/5 9/10 4/5 5/5 9/10

Full bodied, with that unmistakable "Stone" flavor, this beer is best on tap, but the next best thing is opening a cold one up right out of the refrigerator. Well-brewed, well-rounded, this beer rates second only to the Ruination style of Stone. Two thumbs way up!

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
5/5 9/10 5/5 9/10 2/5 5/5 9/10

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