Monday, September 10, 2007

Pabst Blue Ribbon (can) - 1.7

Pabst Blue Ribbon
American-Style Lager
Pabst Brewing Company
Milwaukee, WI
Alcohol Content: 5%

This is the first time I've poured a PBR from a can into a glass, and I hope it's the last. It looks like ginger ale and smells like... well, it smells like bad beer. Nonetheless, PBR has a place in my heart for being cheap, refreshing, and readily available. Ah, memories of youth.

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
1/5 2/10 3/5 3/10 5/5 1/5 5/10

First of all, this is a working man's beer--no pouring--it stays in the can it came in. And the can is quite nice--a 3 for appearance from me. As far as taste, palate, and flavor, it's pretty much what you'd expect. It tastes like beer--classic American beer. Mmmm... cheap beer. Not great, but a bargain! Unfortunately it gives me a raging headache if I drink even one. Oh well...

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
3/5 1/10 2/5 2/10 4/5 3/5 5/10

Since Jon and I both poured ours into glasses, the slight variations in color and hue between the two were most apparent--clearly the QC process at this place leaves something to be desired... As for the taste, again, it's better than King Cobra, but that's not saying much.

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
1/5 1/10 2/5 1/10 4/5 1/5 2/10

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Beth said...

Poor Pabst! And Jon, memories of youth? You're like, twelve, dude.