Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde (bottled) - 3.2

Pete's Wicked Stawberry Blonde
Fruit Beer (Lager)
Pete's Brewing Company
Utica, NY
Alcohol Content: 5%

I'll give this beer points for what it is--a fruit beer. It smells and tastes like strawberries, which would be great if I had a bigger sweet tooth. But really, for a fruity beer, it agrees with me better than many I've tried. Still too sweet.

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
3/5 7/10 2/5 6/10 2/5 2/5 6/10

Unfortunately Mark could not review this one due to its wheat content ("nasty wheat!") but he did give me the perfect description of the aroma: "Smells like pop tarts!" I have a bit of a sweet tooth as it is so that has skewed my perception of this fruit beer, since it does lean towards the sweeter side, but at the same time it is reminiscent of something from my wine cooler days, which is a bit of a turn off.

Appearance Aroma Palate Flavor Price Buzz Overall
4/5 9/10 4/5 6/10 5/5 3/5 6/10

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