Monday, January 28, 2008

RPM Challenge

Today I stumbled across The RPM Challenge, a challenge to musicians around the world to write and record a 10 song album of original material entirely in the month of February. As we are not the types to back away from a challenge, I signed us up, and we fully intend to complete said challenge using our state-of-the-art iPod home recording gear. Why would we subject ourselves to a month of deadline-induced pressure and agony, you ask? Well:

  • We're into that sort of thing.
  • Having only one job with pressures and deadlines is for sissies.
  • To knock us off our asses and write some damn music.

Be warned that the end product could end up... well, bad. Hopefully we will use this opportunity to try some wild and crazy things--some of which might work, some of which definitely won't--and we all know that's a dicey proposition when it comes to music. Even so, we're stoked to give it a try, and the tracks will be available, for good or for awful, in a few months. Wish us luck!



Jennifer Brindley said...

Good luck guys! Or break a leg. Whatever. Do good. :)

I'm proud you're taking on this kind of challenge and even if you *don't* meet the deadline, I'm sure it'll stretch you artistically and mentally, and you'll be glad for having done it.

I have a few other brainstorming/writers block breaking/songwriting tips/hints, so if you get stuck let me know and I might be able to help.


Beth said...

You did it!!!! Congrats.